Comgate Telemanagement Overview

Comgate Telemanagement’s Managing Partner, Roger M. Choquette, MBA, P.E., is located in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Comgate Telemanagement specializes in the provision of professional consulting services to the regulated telecommunications and broadcast distribution markets.
  • Consulting services have been provided in support of capital investment requirements and the development of business plans based upon multiyear expense and demand forecasts and the design of comprehensive financial and econometric models.
  • It has also included the development of comprehensive activity based costing systems to determine the profitability of business units and services as well as the valuation of regulated companies in support of outside financing and buy/sell transactions.
  • Recent assignments have included detailed studies of broadband FFTH and IPTV deployments, including related licensing, programming and regulatory requirements.
  • Comgate also provides support to a number of regulated carriers and associations as part of their participation in regulatory proceedings. Comgate’s involvement has ranged from the filing of expert evidence to the preparation of company applications and comments.

Comgate Telemanagement provides the specific services identified here.

*Comgate Telemanagement has undertaken a number of international assignments funded by the World Bank or national governments. Financial, technical and regulatory assignments have been undertaken in a number of jurisdictions in West Africa, the Caribbean and the South Pacific in both the French and English languages.