Services Provided by Comgate Engineering


Telecommunications and Systems Engineering

  1. System Specification Documents
  2. Data Communications standards support*
  3. Telecommunications Business Plans and Financial Models
  4. Technology and Architecture Assessments
  5. Optimization of Telecommunications Systems
  6. Development of Standards-based Designs


  1. Development of Security Architectures and Plans
  2. Identification and development of standards-based approaches
  3. Assessment of Computer and Communications Systems
  4. Identification of Appropriate Security Standards and Measures
  5. Development of Custom Security Devices and Systems

Research Reports

  1. Trends in Communications Technologies and Services (wired and wireless)
  2. Development of Data Networking and Security Standards and Profiles

Data, Voice and Multimedia Network Studies

  1. Network Management Studies
  2. Network Integration Studies
  3. Studies on Migration to Industry Standard Architectures

Purchasing, Verification, Validation and Audit

  1. Assistance in the preparation of Statements of Work and Specifications
  2. Technical Assistance in the Evaluation of Proposed Designs
  3. Proposal evaluation, including "fairness monitoring"
  4. Review of Contractor Deliverables and System Documentation
  5. Audits of Telecommunications Systems

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*Comgate supports the International Electrotechnical Commission by providing staff to participate in many management and technnical roles for the IEC. These have included the chairing of IEC/SC65C Digital Communications for Industrial Process Measurement and Control for over two decades, and providing the Canadian member of the IEC's Standardization Management Board.  Support is also provided to several Canadian standards bodies, contributing in the areas of industrial safety, security and corresponding standards.